FusionXP Interface Sunset Notice

We heavy-heartedly regret to inform that FusionXP Interface has been sunset and is no longer supported.

The project has, for more than 2 years, strived to be the best decentralized finance platform on the Web 3 space, and in its journey it has created the most innovative protocols in the space, supported more than one million dollars worth of trades across different chains, and developed a unique UI/UX proposition, bringing blockchain technology ever-closer to an internet banking experience. Unfortunately, the mass-adoption business model meant it has never truly achieved financial sustainability, and the long-lasting bear market has taken a heavy toll on our efforts to attract new users, liquidity, and investors. Regrettably, the project can no longer sustain operational expenses and is forced to terminate operations.

We appreciate how disruptive this can be to users, but we would like to emphasize that FusionXP has been built to be decentralized, and its smart contracts will forever live on the blockchain, no matter what happens to us or to anyone else that might decide to develop and deploy a new interface for it. What that means is that you can still interact with them using an alternative User Interface (UI) compatible with UniswapV2. You will find below a full list of contract addresses for FusionXP that you can use for that purpose.

Fusion Router: 0xb2a89c56538f56999332d7e046b82b6ad43aac81
Fusion Factory: 0x9550b0c83AD5a58898cD4267987Af67e7E52bF55
Fusion Multicall: 0x7A5a7579eb8DdEd352848cFDD0a5530C4e56FF7f
Fusion Farms: 0x00501ed66d67b1127809e54395f064e256b75b23
Fusion Bond Staking: 0xaaBaB0FB0840DFfFc93dbeed364FB46b1ffD92EE
Fusion Call Staking V1: 0xe9749a786c77A89fd45dAd3A6Ad1022eEa897F97
Fusion Call Staking V2: 0x1eEAF2AC0fA5D608CC803014DB9A943a80Eaa8eB
Liquid Staking: 0x2A3605d98e26Ee6f682084d8E8018f71d867dcB3
Income Staking: 0x1bF49Db5Cb35575483dB2E630510fac8d8F177b9
Multisender: 0x4963B71785Ef831140C53a4c6b60f676A90feb05